You can rent or book apartament in Uzhgorod by calling these numbers:

066 449 66 07 063 799 53 58 097 816 72 21

Cost of our apartaments: from 199 to 280 UAH.

We advice you to book or order beforehand, in order to avoid difficulties with the settlement!)


Uzhgorod is the city of interesting historical monuments and architectural complexes, as well as magnificent Japanese cherry trees andmagnolias.

From whatever part of Uzhgorod you might look, you will always see the grey walls of its medieval castle. Its walls have seen the birth and development of the city. The monument of fortress art of X-XVII centuries is one of the main pride marks of Uzhgorod citizens. It is located in the eastern part of the city. The history of the castle is more than a thousand years old. It is believed that the fortification dates back to as far as 872 AD. In all likelihood, it was built in the same way as all Transcarpathian castles of that time: people had to carry stones, water, and lime all the way up to the top of the steep hill. To make the building mortar stronger it was customary to add milk, eggs, and even breast milk. Today the main building of the castle is the home to the Museum of Local History, where you can learn about the history and the nature of the region.

At the southern slope of the castle hill, next to the castle itself, you will find one of the few open-air museum in the country – Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, which covers 3,5 hectares of land. It was opened in 1970. All exhibit items are located outdoors, as they are the examples of household buildings of lowland and mountainous districts of Transcarpathian region. The museum holds typical buildings of wooden architecture of the region, rural furniture, clothes items, as well as homemade crafts. All these exemplify the best items of folk architecture peculiar to various Transcarpathian ethnic groups, as well as the works of folk craft, reflecting the life of Transcarpathian villages of the end of the XVIII century- beginning ofthe XX century


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